flat out dream theatre/miles davis tribute band; available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, live snuff theatre.


U S A   N A I L S

noisy post-punk featuring a bunch of people who've been in other bands before. 


H A N D S   U P   W H O   W A N T S   T O   D I E ?

dublin based noise rock veterans.


D E A T H   P E D A L S

fast, no nonsense punk'n'roll from london via brighton. we loved them from the moment we saw them and are honoured to be involved with the release of their first full length.


G O D Z I L L A   B L A C K

aka john mackenzie's bunch of horrible awkward noise-mongers. pretty much un-pigeon-hole-able. but try crossing liars, boredoms, mike patton and acoustic ladyland and you could find yourself on the right track. then again you might not. Dale Crover (i know right) makes multiple appearances on the "The Great Terror". zing.


A   C L E A N   K I T C H E N   I S   A   H A P P Y   K I T C H E N

belgian Duff McKagan inspired noise-rock from belgium, featuring Craig Ward formerly of indie-rock titans Deus. 


S I L E N T   F R O N T

hey that's us! yeah, triplejump is our label. we've put out some of our own records..well someone had to. if you're here we'd hope you know a little bit about us already, if not, check the links below.


we put on loads of shows in london/kingston. here's a list of some of the bands we've put on, helped put on, or are soon going to put on:

stnnng(u.s.), papaye(fr), hey colossus, dead rider(u.s.), jogging(irl.), kong, sweet williams, caretaker, econo, lupins, nitkowski, anorak(fr), mayors of miyazaki, solomon grundy, hawks(u.s.), ginola(irl), black heart orchestra, palehorse, hag, solmon grundy, death pedals, machete, auxes(d/u.s.), ok pilot, kidnapped kids, ternary, the dead beat, my disco(aus), the overdrive orchestra, who by gun, super adventure club, shield your eyes, scul hazzards(aus), yokozuna, thumpermonkey, phantom theory, falenizza horsepower, hands up who wants to die(irl), sly & the family drone, joeyfat, toys r noise(fr).

we've put on a couple of all-dayers featuring some of these bands. they've both been excellent. we'll do another one at some point so...yeah. come to it.

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